• IFAD-funded ASPIRE Project Launched

    AKP Phnom Penh, October 08, 2015 –The Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE) was officially launched in a workshop opened this morning in Phnom Penh under the presidency of H.E. Ouk Rabun, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.UN Resident Coordinator, Ms. Claire Van der Vaeren and Mr. Read More
  • Paying heed to 7 years of impact - RULIP Completion Workshop

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  • Agriculture and Development Partners in the news

    Various development partners and IFAD were in the news during the first quarter of 2015, providing information on the development programs and funding agreements underway in Cambodia. Please find below a selection of press articles found online during this period: -ADB: Cambodia on verge of being middle-income nation - 12 March Read More
  • Agriculture and Economy in Cambodia - news clippings first quarter 2015

    The Cambodian agriculture sector has received a lot of attention in the first quarter of 2015. We have made a short selection of some key press and online articles that you may find relevant. Please find the links and follow on to read the excerpts below: Inclusive business: a viable Read More
  • Climate Change, IFAD and Cambodia in the news

    Cilmate change is a major concern for all farmers and development partners in the agricultural sector. In the first quarter of 2015, various press articles related to IFAD, Cambodia and Climate change were released. Here are a few exerpts from selected articles: NAPA Follow-Up - Promoting Climate Resilient Water Management and Read More
  • ASPIRE Agreement Signed!

    Multithumb found errors on this page: There was a problem loading image 'cache/multithumb_thumbs/b_750_500_16777215_00_images_phocagallery_ASPIRE_aspire_signed.jpg' There was a problem loading image 'cache/multithumb_thumbs/b_750_500_16777215_00_images_phocagallery_ASPIRE_aspire_signed.jpg' Rome, 5 March 2015 – Most of Cambodia’s population lives in rural areas and depends on farming to make a living, so the threat of climate change is a serious matter. Read More
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IFAD Project History

IFAD Cambodia:

Cambodia became a member of the Fund in 1992. Since 1996 IFAD has supported the implementation of the RGC agricultural and rural development policies.  
From the outset IFAD has worked closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, leveraging resources of many internal and external partners.  As early as 1998, IFAD pioneered project implementation through the decentralized structures.
In 2008, IFAD established a country presence and began to directly supervise its operations in Cambodia while keeping the responsibility for implementation with the Government. This has enabled stronger and closer partnership with government and strengthened IFAD’s role in policy dialogue and strategy development for the advancement of the rural people.
With its latest project - the PADEE -  IFAD contributed a total of US$ 99.3 Million for a total investment cost of US$ 201.3 Million, reaching over 10% of the rural population and engaging a workforce of over 1700 people.
With the approval by RGC and IFAD management of the new partnership strategy in June 2013, it is expected that IFAD funded operations in Cambodia will further expand over the period 2013-2018 in close alignment with the Rectangular Strategy phase III.

IFAD Global:
As of June 2013, IFAD had 253 projects under implementation covering 96 countries for a total value of the portfolio worth over $12 billion.
IFAD resources are replenished every three years. Under the ninth replenishment (2013-2015), the Fund received pledges of around $1.40 billion, or 93 per cent of its $1.5 billion target, originating from 94 Member States.
In the Asia-Pacific region, IFAD is funding 59 on-going projects in 19 countries representing about US$ 1.6 billion.